Repair & Refurbishment - Servicing - Installation

M&N is dedicated to providing the most cost effective, robust and cutting edged wastewater screening and filtration applications.

Our repair, refurbishment and servicing teams will ensure that your existing assets continue to function at their best, saving you money and avoiding unexpected emergencies by carrying out an extensive survey; and providing you with a cost effective quoation for your asset to be brought back into operational condition.

Our ample stocks of spares can be fully retro fitted to your existing assets and our competencies cover all manufacturers models, including:

Inlet Screens (of all types and manufacturers)

Sludge Screens

Grit Treatment Equipment

Scrapers - Rotating Half Bridges

Control Panels

Alternatively, if you require a new or replacement application our sales team will help you choose from our extensive portfolio of Inlet & process control technology and our own innovative MNTT Sludge Screen and MNSS Inlet Screen applications.